In February of 2003, the Pite family faced an incredible journey. Their young daughter Hannah was diagnosed with a very rare form of childhood leukemia. Hannah bravely faced more than 100 days of chemotherapy, additional radiation treatments and even a stem cell transplant. Despite her courageous battle, the Pite family learned the day before Thanksgiving 2004 that Hannah's cancer had returned and that her prognosis was now terminal. With her 6th birthday approaching, the Pite family decided that a true celebration would be in order. They felt that their family needed to share this important day with the community which had supported them during the past two year's of treatment. The first Bpositiv Charity Art Auction was held on January 29th, 2005, on the eve of Hannah's 6th Birthday.

For ten amazing years the largest winter art show in Central Oregon was held. All of the art, wine and music were donated with all proceeds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Red Cross and ultimately the Bpositiv foundation for children with cancer, inc. (a 501c3 non profit organization) at it's formation in the subsequent years.

As Hannah watched the Asian Tsunami unfold on December 26, 2004, we heard our call to action in her simple words. "Shouldn't we do something to help?" While a portion of the proceeds from the first Bpositiv charity art auction were sent to the Asian Tsunami relief, her words inspired us to continue the fight against childhood cancer here in Oregon.

Yes, we should do something to help, Hannah.

Driven by her desire to help in spite of her prognosis, the "Powered by Bpositiv" marathon and half marathon running team were born and began running in the Eugene Marathon in 2010 — and each year since — in Eugene, Oregon. The kindess and generosity of the running community allows the Bpositiv foundation to pursue its goal of helping Oregon families facing a terminal diagnosis for their child during their journey through childhood cancer.

With the guidance of an all-volunteer board of directors and the generosity of so many people, the Bpositiv Foundation for Children with Cancer, inc. is able to use its fundraising events to help support those Oregon families in need and facing a terminal cancer diagnosis for their child. The Social Work staff on 10n North at Doernbecher Children's Hospital helps the Bpositiv foundation to identify families in this most dire of circumstance who may require our help. We offer indirect financial support (when available) to these families using a simple application process for related end of life expenses and to offer these stipends to help defray such costs as funerary expenses and mortgage or rent payments. We do this to allow these families the dignity they deserve at the time of their child's passing as well as to allow them some slight respite from the financial burden each of these families face. While these are modest stipends, it is our hope that they will allow these families some proper time to grieve their loss. We are a completely volunteer organization from our event staff to our Volunteer board of Directors and volunteer Executive Director. It is the Pite family and the Bpositiv foundation goal to give away all of the money we raise. We only pay a modest stipend to our bookkeeper and all other proceeds go directly to patient services.

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