Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was formed in December 2009 in anticipation of the Foundation's establishment. In January 2010, Daniel Pite was installed as the foundation's first executive director. The Officers were appointed shortly thereafter and currently serve two year terms. All members of the board are volunteers.

Executive Board Members:
Daniel Pite – Executive Director
Talya Pite – President and Treasurer
Elias Pite – Vice President
Shirley Williams and Dana Tessler – Co-Secretaries

Advisory Board Members:
Dana Tessler
Dr. Jason Friedman
Cameron Davis
Jeff Noll

ad hoc Advisory Board in Pediatric Oncology:
Dr. Archie Bleyer, M.D.
Dr. Linda Stork, M.D.

Susan Geske – Bookkeeper


In Memoriam: Drew Cullen

In the Summer of 2016, the Bpositiv foundation lost it's volunteer Vice President at age 37. Drew Cullen was a founding member and friend of the Bpositiv foundation and the Pite family and he was also a personal friend of our daughter, Hannah.
Drew's unwavering commitment to helping others will remain an inspiration to his friends and his loved ones. The children and families of childhood cancer lost an incredible advocate and hero to their cause. We will continue to fight in his memory and continue to help the families of childhood cancer in Oregon. We will miss you Drew. You were a great friend. You were a tireless contributor. The world lost a great man.





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